Why Hiring A Professional Wedding Photographer Will Be The Most Important Part Of Your Wedding Budget!

A professional wedding photographer’s packages and prices can vary drastically. At the end of the day your wedding budget will play a factor. Just be really careful when choosing your wedding photographer…..cheap is not always best and generally means inexperience. Do you really want a wedding photographer with 2 weddings under their belt to photograph your wedding day that can’t be relived? Are they actually a professional wedding photographer?

Top 3 outdoor locations for family photography in Pakenham

Outdoor locations are perfect to create a change in your photo’s backgrounds. Using an outdoor location means you can have a huge variety in background just by moving one metre. To change backgrounds in the studio takes a lot more time and effort. The best part about using an outdoor location is having a wider range of different looking photos based on different backgrounds. Outdoor locations can be used for family photography, maternity photography, newborn photography or wedding photography……any type of photography (provided the weather is fine!)

6 clothing tips for engagement photography or couple photos

An engagement photography session can be a good warm up to what it will be like for your wedding photography. You can work out what styles you like and what poses suit you best. Of course it doesn’t have to be engagement photography but could be a couple photoshoot…..just because…. So what clothing should you wear for this session? See some tips below to help you out.

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