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How to Best Display Your Family Photos in Your Home

Now that your family photography session is over, it’s time to decide where you are going to put your family photos and what will look best in your home. Here are some suggestions to make the most of your gorgeous new family photos:

Wedding Photography – Are First Looks Important?

Many of my wedding photography couples have asked whether or not they should have a first look. A first look is when you have your wedding photography before the ceremony. Traditionally you won’t see each other until after the ceremony but in a first look you will see each other and do the wedding photography before all the formal proceedings instead of after. I know that they are a little untraditional but there are some benefits of first look wedding photography below.

2 Popular Newborn Photography Keepsakes

There are many options for newborn photography keepsakes so how do you choose? Newborn photography keepsakes are super important. Let’s face it, once your newborn photography session is complete and you get your digital photos, they will sit in the draw for many years before you actually do anything with them. I’m completely guilty of this myself and I’m a photographer! There just never seems to be enough time to get them printed. 3 years on and I haven’t created any newborn canvases or newborn albums of my youngest son……..although I’ve been meaning to……for 3 years!

Mother’s Day Showcase 2018

Mother's Day Showcase! Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mums!

Why a Proposal Photoshoot Will Be The Best Investment You Make!

You have gone to so much trouble to find the right way to propose. A proposal photoshoot is the next perfect gift to give to your partner! You’ve found the perfect place to propose. Your partner is going to be shocked and surprised and you are so excited to see the look on their face when you pop the big question!

Top 3 Popular Maternity Photography Poses.

Maternity photography is a beautiful time to capture. Your beautiful bump grows quickly and it is nice to compare from week to week. Some maternity photography sessions are individual which are done between 30-36 weeks and some can be a maternity photography timeline.

4 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photography Package

Let’s face it, wedding photography is the absolute most important part of your wedding day. Long after the music has faded, the flowers have wilted and the dress has been worn, your wedding photos will be the one thing that lasts from your wedding. They provide constant happiness as a reminder of all the little details and emotions from your wedding day.

6 Tips of What To Wear To a Newborn Photography Session

Capturing the first moments of your precious little baby’s life are so important. Equally important is for you to have a photo with your little bundle. You may not feel up to it and think that you are not ready for a photo but I guarantee you will regret not creating this permanent memory. You can be posed in ways that will make you look your best.

6 Tips of What To Wear To a Family Portrait

When was the last time you captured a family portrait? Your whole family? Including you? If you’re anything like me then you are the one behind the camera and you tend to not get many photos of your full family. But what to wear? This question is asked a lot. Here are a few tips to help you sort out your clothing choice for your next family portrait.

Behind the Scenes Look At What A Professional Newborn Photographer Does

Although it may look like a professional newborn photographer only works during your newborn photography session time, there is actually a lot more worth that is done behind the scenes. For starts the studio needs to be set up before you come for your newborn photography session so that we are ready to start as soon as you arrive. This means sorting and getting out newborn photography props you may like to use, preparing backdrops which may need to be ironed and cleaning the studio. All garments are also washed before you arrive to ensure a hygienic environment for you and your baby during the newborn photography session.

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