2017 Professional Photography Showcase

A collection of some of my favourite images from 2017.

What family photography packages are best?

Most people these days want family photography packages that include digital copies of all of the photos. However there are so many other options to create permanent high quality products that can be passed down to generations. Some photographers have an a-la-carte option and others have packages that are already made up.

The absolute must have maternity photos to capture throughout your pregnancy!

Pregnancy is an absolute miracle of life. It is important to capture this time with maternity photos so that you will always have this special time captured. A pregnancy timeline is a great way to capture your growing belly and of course your beauty. You do tend to forget how small or big you were at different stages. With a pregnancy timeline, it means you can see the difference within 4 week periods. The best time to start this timeline is either at 12 or 16 weeks. Then again every 4 weeks until the baby is born.

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