Top 3 outdoor locations for family photography in Pakenham

Outdoor locations are perfect to create a change in your photo’s backgrounds. Using an outdoor location means you can have a huge variety in background just by moving one metre. To change backgrounds in the studio takes a lot more time and effort. The best part about using an outdoor location is having a wider range of different looking photos based on different backgrounds. Outdoor locations can be used for family photography, maternity photography, newborn photography or wedding photography……any type of photography (provided the weather is fine!)

Happy Mother’s Day! A Tribute To Every Mum!

Happy Mother’s Day! Mother’s are selfless….. They give up everything for their children because their children come first. But I know we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our children are our life and we want what’s best for them… give them every opportunity to succeed.

Harry – Newborn pictures and family photos from a Melbourne newborn photographer

In this session we first took family photos with mum and bub. Unfortunately daddy couldn’t be there. Proud grandma and grandpa were there for newborn pictures though. We were able to capture a variety of awake newborn pictures with a variety of props. He was strong and wiggled his way out of the wrap but we were able to capture a range of photos with close up details as well as full and half-length newborn pictures. Meagan Goodes, Melbourne newborn photographer

When is the best time to photograph my child in the first year?

The first year of life is by far the quickest in both physical and emotional development. This means the photos throughout this first year need to be regular to capture the changes. Once this time has passed you won’t be able to get it back.

Ruhana – Newborn pictures and family photos from a Melbourne newborn photographer

This beautiful family came in for family photos and newborn pictures. We spent the first 10 minutes taking family photos and then the majority of the time taking newborn pictures. We were able to change props and backdrops for her newborn pictures to capture a variety of photos and styles. Meagan Goodes, Melbourne newborn photographer

Archer – Newborn pictures and family photos from a Melbourne newborn photographer

Archer came in only 12 days old for his newborn pictures and some family photos. This super cute little bundle thought it might be fun if he pooed in mummy’s hand while he was naked on her chest. Unfortunately we couldn’t take whole body family photos after this. We concentrated on newborn pictures and used sentimental items in such as a teddy bear and a crocheted octopus he was given at birth. Newborn pictures consisted of wraps, props and naked photos. Meagan Goodes, Melbourne newborn photographer

5 Baby Milestone Photos You Absolutely Must Capture

Congratulations! Your newborn baby has arrived. You want to capture this precious time because you know they will grow quickly. Here is a guide to what time is best to capture photos in the first year of life of your newborn.

Pregnancy Support, Doula and Childbirth Education

Melissa Russell is a Doula (pregnancy support) and Childbirth Educator and is a trained as a breastfeeding counsellor with the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

What To Bring For A Newborn Photography Session?

Congratulations your little bundle has arrived and you want to book in your newborn photography session. Understandably you want everything to go to smoothly but what should you bring to your session???? If anything????

N – Newborn pictures and family photos from a Melbourne newborn photographer

Mum came into the studio with her 4 year old son and 2 week old daughter for family photos. After the family photos we had almost 2 hours to capture newborn pictures. We had enough time for feeding, changing and capturing a variety of awake and sleepy newborn pictures including the use of a variety of props. Little miss loved getting newborn pictures in her jumpsuit. Meagan Goodes, Melbourne newborn photographer

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