What To Bring For Your Baby and Child Photography Session

Like newborn photography, baby photos and kids photos are equally as important. Children change dramatically from year to year and it’s important to capture this time in your child’s life to create permanent memories for the future. Children can sometimes be a little tricky to photograph, depending on their age. Toddlers like to move around and tend to have a short attention span so it’s important to bring items with you to the child photography session. Some items you could bring are your child’s favourite toys, particularly a noisy one so that you can catch your child’s attention during the photo session, a comforter such as a blanket or dummy. Ask your photographer if they have a little area for the children to play during the baby photos’ session and if they have some toys. This will help to put your mind at ease that there is also something that keep your child entertained in between photos.

Behind The Scenes Look At Newborn Photography With Meagan

In this post I thought it would be great for you to see what newborn photography looks like with me. In newborn photography you need to have patience. Newborns are on their own clock so you need to stop when they need feeding and changing and then cuddle them until they sleep. Capturing newborn photos sometimes need to be quick, depending on how settle the baby is. Sometimes newborn photography might even involve wrapping mum or dad in a backdrop and laying baby in their arms because that is the only way they are settled. You can still create gorgeous newborn photos by doing this. My studio is always warm for newborn photography so you need to wear layers so you don’t get too hot. I also have a change table and tea, coffee and water facilities for your convenience as well as a super comfy couch for those tired mums who want to put their feet up and maybe even go for a snooze. Watch the video below for an insight into how newborn photography works with me.

What Should Your Newborn Photography Budget Be?

Photography prices vary drastically. Price is not always an indicator as to the experience and style of a newborn photographer or their quality of work. Some things to consider when deciding on newborn photography so you don’t end up disappointed with the end result are: Ask questions to get a feel for the newborn photographer and to make it clear what you want with your newborn photography. Find a newborn photographer you feel comfortable with. You are most likely going to be exhausted and overwhelmed so you want a newborn photographer that calms you. Find a style of newborn photography you like Look at their newborn photography packages – do they include items you want or do they have more of an a-la-carte style where you can choose your own inclusions and get exactly what you want. Find a newborn photographer that has experience! At least 3 years to ensure they have worked with a lot of other newborns and that they know what they are doing

What to bring to a maternity photography session

A maternity photography session is designed to be relaxed and comfortable. Maternity photos provide gorgeous memories for generations to come, documenting and reminding you how beautiful you looked while your baby was growing. If your photographer is anything like me then they will have a range of maternity drapes, signs and ribbons to show off your belly in your maternity photos. However you may feel a little more comfortable in your own clothes.

Personal Project – Pregnancy Timeline

I was sitting at my desk thinking about what to write for my next blog post. It hit me that perhaps you might like to know a bit about me so I’ve created a bit of a personal project. I’m going to show you my own personal pregnancy timeline. I did this every 4 weeks starting at 16 weeks with the help of my husband and son. I firstly chose a max dress because this type of clothing is firstly super comfortable when you are pregnant and secondly it knew it was going to stretch with my belly as it grew. It’s great to wear the same clothes in all of your pregnancy timeline sessions as it really enhances your gorgeous pregnant belly. My husband was behind the camera and took these photos for me. I left it on a tripod so he literally just had to press the shutter to take the photo.

How to Hire a Newborn Photographer Stress Free!

You’ve just had a baby. You’re exhausted and you really want photos of your precious little baby when they are a newborn. However this task seems overwhelming and stressful and which newborn photographer do you pick? Here are a few tips to ease that stress and pick a photographer that you are not only comfortable with but someone who is professional, caring and has a gorgeous portfolio.

Harry – Newborn pictures and family photos from a Melbourne newborn photographer

In this session we first took family photos with mum and bub. Unfortunately daddy couldn’t be there. Proud grandma and grandpa were there for newborn pictures though. We were able to capture a variety of awake newborn pictures with a variety of props. He was strong and wiggled his way out of the wrap but we were able to capture a range of photos with close up details as well as full and half-length newborn pictures. Meagan Goodes, Melbourne newborn photographer

Ruhana – Newborn pictures and family photos from a Melbourne newborn photographer

This beautiful family came in for family photos and newborn pictures. We spent the first 10 minutes taking family photos and then the majority of the time taking newborn pictures. We were able to change props and backdrops for her newborn pictures to capture a variety of photos and styles. Meagan Goodes, Melbourne newborn photographer

Archer – Newborn pictures and family photos from a Melbourne newborn photographer

Archer came in only 12 days old for his newborn pictures and some family photos. This super cute little bundle thought it might be fun if he pooed in mummy’s hand while he was naked on her chest. Unfortunately we couldn’t take whole body family photos after this. We concentrated on newborn pictures and used sentimental items in such as a teddy bear and a crocheted octopus he was given at birth. Newborn pictures consisted of wraps, props and naked photos. Meagan Goodes, Melbourne newborn photographer

N – Newborn pictures and family photos from a Melbourne newborn photographer

Mum came into the studio with her 4 year old son and 2 week old daughter for family photos. After the family photos we had almost 2 hours to capture newborn pictures. We had enough time for feeding, changing and capturing a variety of awake and sleepy newborn pictures including the use of a variety of props. Little miss loved getting newborn pictures in her jumpsuit. Meagan Goodes, Melbourne newborn photographer

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