Top 3 tips to ensure you make a surprise proposal

Lots of thought and effort goes into creating the perfect surprise proposal. Unfortunately I’ve heard many horror stories of how the surprise proposal wasn’t actually a surprise. Either their partner found the ring or part of the details for the surprise proposal or a friend or family member let it slip. Here are my top 3 tips to actually create a surprise proposal that will make your friends jealous!

Why a Proposal Photoshoot Will Be The Best Investment You Make!

You have gone to so much trouble to find the right way to propose. A proposal photoshoot is the next perfect gift to give to your partner! You’ve found the perfect place to propose. Your partner is going to be shocked and surprised and you are so excited to see the look on their face when you pop the big question!

3 Tips on How Surprise Proposal Photography Works

Congratulations! You have decided to propose to the love of your life and you know that surprise proposal photography would be a great way to capture this moment forever! You’re right! Just like wedding photography, surprise proposal photography is also so important.

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