6 clothing tips for engagement photography or couple photos

An engagement photography session can be a good warm up to what it will be like for your wedding photography. You can work out what styles you like and what poses suit you best. Of course it doesn’t have to be engagement photography but could be a couple photoshoot…..just because…. So what clothing should you wear for this session? See some tips below to help you out.

What Wedding Photography Packages Are Best?

Most people these days want wedding photography that includes digital copies of all of the photos. Naturally you want memories that are captured of the whole day. So why are there so many variations of wedding photography packages?

3 MUST HAVE photos every photographer should take!

So you've decided you want to get professional photos. With so many styles of photos around how do you know what types of photos you should get? Whether it's newborn photography, maternity photography, family photography or wedding photography - these tips are a MUST HAVE for any type of photography session.

What Should My Wedding Photography Budget Be?

Photography prices vary drastically. Price is not always an indicator as to the experience of a wedding photographer or their quality of work. I have seen some wedding photographers charge under $500 for the same amount of work as another photographer will charge $7000.

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