Wedding Photography Packages

Tell me about your love story…..

What’s the number one thing that’s the most important about your wedding?

How important is it for you to have a lifetime memory of this moment?

Is it more of a priority to capture beautiful memories for life or to pick the cheapest photographer?

…..these are some of the questions we ask to ensure we understand you…..your needs and wants for your wedding day…..


Knowing and understanding you is our main priority because then we can capture the true essence, emotion, connection and detail of your day.

Our passion is striving to find those little details that will be long forgotten…..the single tear that rolls down the groom’s cheek as he sees his bride for the first time…..or the proud look of a father as he walks his beautiful daughter down the aisle…..

When you look back in 40 years from now will you be ecstatic you splurged on your flowers or hair piece? Or will you be grateful that you have a beautiful memento to show your grandchildren, a permanent reminder of your precious day which you can describe in great detail?


The real investment in wedding photography is being prepared to let us in to your life for this one day…..

The real investment is knowing that this memory is captured for life with the peace of mind that the greatest day of your life is taken care of…..


My clients generally hire me for one of 3 reasons:

  1. They want an award winning photographer knowing that I was voted by previous clients at the prestigious Australian Bridal Industry Awards this year
  2. They want someone who they can trust and who they can be confident in to get the job done
  3. They want a fully immersed, fully catered for wedding, someone who is going to go above and beyond and do everything they might need so that you are not stressed about anything.


We would absolutely love to talk to you about capturing your day, connections, emotions and details. As we only book a limited number of weddings per year it is best to check with us as soon as possible to ensure we are available.


Looking forward to sharing an amazing journey with you…..

Bride’s story:

Some brides and grooms are still lucky enough to celebrate this special time with their grandparents. This particular wedding at the top of the hill in Summer, overlooking the vineyard, the happy couple wed while grandpa looked on. When it was time for family photos the bride told me her new husband hadn’t seen his grandfather for 10 years. Grandpa wasn’t in the best of health but none the less, it was important to him to see his grandson get married. Imagine if this was the last time you were able to capture a special moment with your loved one? What a beautiful memory for your grandchildren to be sitting on your lap and flicking through your wedding album… talk about your grandfather…..his quirks…..what made you laugh…..what you loved about him. Family photos at weddings are one of the most important photos to capture. It’s rare that you get to have all of your family together in the same place on the same day. These moments…..these details are of the most important to capture for you so that you can share your story with the next generation.

It’s the little things…..the emotion, the flowers, the look on the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time, nan crying and hugging her granddaughter. These moments are our number 1 priority… capture the true essence of your love story surround by your loved ones.

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Your day is important to us! After all what is left after your wedding day?…….memories will fade… lasts forever!

We offer a range of packages.


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* A 40% non-refundable deposit is required within 14 days to secure your booking. Magenta Photography accepts direct bank transfer (please contact me for account details), cash or paypal.

* PLEASE NOTE: the price list is valid up to 1 month after your enquiry. Prices are subject to change without notice.

* A contract needs to be signed to say I can use the photos on my website and for advertising by all the bridal party and the parents/guardians of children under 18. There are also some other important questions that need to be answered.

* Product pricing does not include postage.

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